The Lonely Beat and The Exotica Project


The Lonely Beat

The Exotica Project

100 hundred dreamland 45’s goes the guideline of The Exotica Project. Little Danny, who is some kind of cool scholar of American music from the 40’s and 50’s has collected and catalogued a series of 45’s which are ostensibly the coolest music produced by the United States in its post-Depression golden era of purity. The 40’s and 50’s gave birth to a rise in creative energy as new currents were being established and economic, as well as cultural growth was in full effect.

Danny explains the whole ordeal much better than I ever could, but the gist of it is the following: the city, as an urban space, was undergoing its most mythological developments. As rich ‘white’ folk were moving towards the suburbs, the CITY was gaining a reputation for its devious qualities, its ethnic populations, its fast paced and mysterious dealings, its rise in crime, and its image as a concrete jungle. Wild! This was reflected in popular music in the genres of crime jazz and exotica.

The Lonely Beat is a playlist of 100 tracks in the crime jazz genre, categorized by their constituent elements such as prison motif, pronounced use of echo, walking basslines, and night/darkness themes. The same for The Exotica Project whose Animal Sounds, exotic sound effects, Safari themes, and voodoo themes were very much part of the genre.

Invaluable resource, pure frenetic energy, and some cool vibes.

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