Mil Mascaras (French Punk Band)


I’ve collected the five best “studio” songs from Mil Mascaras, and added a demo-sounding song (“Lovemaker”) that I found on Soulseek. I purchased the 7″ which is just three songs, from Hozac Records, and the sound is impeccable. Crispy and clean.

Mil Mascaras sounds like what you would want everything to sound like. Repetitive throbbing basslines that shake you from inside, guitar chords that have hidden melodies inside, and a vocalist that repeats one cool phrase over and over in different scales.

The vocalist is so inside the music as she starts whirlpools of screams and lyrics. Every new breath is a new inflection, in a different progression, until she peaks, and then releases.

There are no horns but some songs give the impression of low tone brass because of the bass and guitar assonance. It’s not quite punk, nor uncontrolled rock n’ roll. It might pass through German cabaret, but the drum stomp belies its truly trashy roots. It’s actually French, and it’s fucking good.


Buy record Mil Mascaras 7″

Mil Mascaras – 6 Songs

01 – Fuzz

02 – I Said so Far

03 – French TV

04 – Best Trip

05 – She Always Dies

06 – Lovemaker (Z Radio, 3-25-07)

Ask The Dust by John Fante


An aspiring writer. Los Angeles in the 30’s. A Mexican waitress. A cheap hotel room under Bunker Hill. Arturo Bandini, the hero of this story is too frustrated, too free, and too condemned. He falls stupidly in love with a lost girl he considers a destitute junkie. He quarrels with her friends and lover. What kind of life is this?

Right on the verge of when the world was hijacked by industrious fast-paced everyday laboring. Bandini goes hungry, gets a little cash from writing, dresses nice, only to lose it all again. What is the matter? Nothing to do, except looking, wanting, writing, and feeling.


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