Sick Thoughts – Don’t Push Me Around (The Zeros)

Sick Thoughts is the 17-year old Baltimore punk prodigy. Apparently he is influenced by Jay Reatard. This ripper here is a cover of a burner from the pre-80’s era of scuzzy proto-pop-punk which I imagine was heavily Ramones influenced. In fact, The Zeros were often called the Mexican Ramones (figure that out) back then, in what I’m sure was a form of flattery (or racism?)

The track is classic banter about boring girlfriends. What really makes it stand out apart from the simple poppy production is Sick Thought’s bullied snarl. This kid sounds angry, annoyed, and sort of desperate. Understated growling with lots of spunk. PEEP IT!!!

To buy this 7″, contact Goodbye Boozy on Facebook.

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