Slum of Legs – Begin To Dissolve

Must hear outfit of six with all the hallmarks of great DIY punk pop which strangely veers into almost metal. But this is headphone music first and foremost because the second verse is not sung but talked. A conversation between the lead singer and a haunting spirit. Cinematic post-punk. Make no mistake, this is what pop music should sound like more often. A surprising electric violin and all kinds of synth leads and fill-ins. Conceptual art band. True underground 90’s kids will be all over this as it is a strange mix of dance pop goth and metal.

Los Cripis – Mystery

Something between a Western soundtrack score, and a Nico VU song. Los Cripis hit us with an unexpected pop number for such a minimalist experimental band. “Mystery” is carried through by the hollow resonance of an Indian war drum. The vocals are pure desert landscape lifting us up to heaven. But the percussion reminds us it’s all a mirage.

Between Dennis Hopper The Last Movie, or Wim Wenders’ Paris, Texas.

Numb Bats – She’s All That

Let’s do the math quickly:

There are two Numb Bats releases which came out at the same time:

Gentle Horror: Their cohesive full-length concept debut album. Dark and yet as dreamy and poppy as it can be. This is a cohesive statement possibly about the state of rock-pop music, teenage boredom and the death of the soul.

Numb Bats – Self-Titled – Sun Lips Records Cassette: A four-track EP, with lighter tunes. No death. Instead, love, bounce, and…sex?

She’s All That is about sex, love at first sight, uncontrolled excitement, seduction. It pulls you in with its grunge riff and soft crooning till it builds up to a punk rock release. It is soft, yet forthcoming, then it shakes you. But you pull back…and it becomes desperate, and apologetic. It lets you go eventually, but you never forget it.

The final plea “Come on baby, let me show you the world” is an invitation that cannot be refused.

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