Golden Pelicans – Turquoise & Silver / Get Out of New Jersey


Incredibly accurate recreation of that clear studio punk blues sound from late 70’s, early 80’s. Tom tom drumming at punk speed and greasy rock n roll guitar riffs. Some guy sings on it sounding really pissed off. Released on Total Punk, a label that named its annual music festival, Fuck Off Fest. I saw these guys live and they were beasts. Pure physical intense energy and incredibly well-done metal/blues vocal performance. James Brown meets hardcore punk, maybe?

“Turquoise & Silver” is about how fashion goes in circles. As King G, the throaty vocalist, remarks those colors are making a comeback. The track is the greasiest thing you’ll hear this year. Full of a smooth jumpy r&b groove.  (It’s actually all about an ayahuasca vision)

“Get Out of New Jersey” is the speedier track. It is also apparently good advice. The way Southwards is the way to go if you let King G tell it. The track speeds along like it’s running from something. Probably the law.

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