Nots – “Fix”

Nots at Gonerfest 2014, September 27

Here’s another Nots track that will not be on their debut album “We Are Nots”. It was recorded with the second line-up, without the additional synthesizer. However, recent live performances have the synthesizer added in which is cool and gives a zappy timeless/future vibe to the punky rock n roll flavor.

Second Nots single ever, pre-synth days. First time I heard it, I called it “jazzy punk noise”. It has an awesome bridge where the cymbals get all jazzy and the bass goes all fast. An interview on New Orleans radio with lead singer Natalie Hoffman called the track “straight up rock n roll”.

One of the better tracks most representative of their condensed genius. Lyrics are shouted girl-gang style in what we are accustomed to from early nineties trash surf, but the instrumental is all mashed up like futuristic post-punk lo-fi.

Lyrics are intriguing, very pop-like, uplifting, and philosophical.

“It’s about you / It’s about what you can do / It’s about me / and it’s about ‘what we see'”

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