Nots – “Decadence”


This was chosen as  the first single for “We Are Nots”. Why? Because it is the inauguration of their new official sound. The experimental punk rocknroll of “Fix” mutated to a dissonant post-punk no-wave.

I hear Gza of “Liquid Swords”. I hear the cavernous vox of British post-punk on the top layer, but the tempo is fast and serious. And it is also wild and fierce. It evokes an angry swagger, which is that KBD feeling. Yet, the lyrics are abstract, in fact quite literary, but not comprehensible on first listen.

The song is thus designed to be played repeatedly. And in its own structure are infectious loops.

I am surprised that they are not German. Unless…

Cinematic music. It evokes the paranoid nature of some American cities.

And isn’t that the crux of the Memphis sound? Isn’t their repeated statement of “We Are Nots and We are from Memphis” a reminder of the importance of locality in music? It was essential they gather there, in Memphis, the birthplace of the truest American form of music with the most revolutionary potential, a music of the people, their feelings, demands, and of their oppressed condition, the blues.

I cannot think of a better place than Memphis to come together and express the truth about our current times, politically, economically, and psychologically.

The creation of workers/consumers lives. Complicit governments. No social alternatives. This is what capital-based societies are all becoming. But not me and you. We are not, right? We are not becoming–what they want. So if there is more than one of us then…we… are… nots.

We Are Nots LP – Nots Buy to support the artists
November 11, 2015
Goner Records

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