Les Lolitas – Séries Américaines (1987)

Lolitas 1987

Françoise Cactus, pre-Stereo-Total, doing the American rock n roll thing in the late 80’s. But instead of macho bravado, or country blues authenticity, there’s a uniquely French whimsy. A sort of anti-rock star thing, à la bob Dylan, but also a chanteuse, innocent yé-yé girl, always poking fun at something.

Lyrics are all about American crime series, an extension of the inherent fetishizing of all things USA (music, tv series, etc.). A sort of musical Nouvelle Vague. Always deeply conceptual, music and thematics make one. Self-reflexive, but without the self-consciousness. Truly free, in the spirit of American Sixties Garage Rock but with the added objectivity of being a foreigner. Sort of similar to what the Japanese do when they adopt US tropes, except here it’s French, and aggressive.




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