Nots – Live at WFMU Radio


I know these songs from the Gonerfest show, and from the Orlando show at Uncle Lou’s on YouTube. What’s different here is that there is no studio reverb trickery, so it sounds surprisingly “unplugged”. I never heard such a version of “Fix”, which sounds like a cool jazzy lounge tune! Critics will call their style aggressive, corroded, vindictive. But it’s just fast! Fast basslines, fast drumming, and some fast yelping punk style, but with mysteriously subtle echoes of Memphis and the bayou.

“Dust Red” gets a completely different treatment. As if they are a 70’s funk band, making early nineties Belgian underground punk with Japanese influences.

“Get Along” is pure joy. A futuristic’s.

“Black Mold” is complete destruction, late 70’s john carpenter with early 80’s sinister cold wave but seemingly put together in an early 90’s rap production style (mpc-filtered loop baseline and crisp Premier snare drums).

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