Battle of the Demos: Coneheads VS Violence Creeps

Coneheads – Total Conetrol (2014)
Indiana, USA

  • Fast, catchy, punk-electro sounds
  • Robotic chanting
  • Devo-like
  • Spotted Race affiliations (Lumpy and the Dumpers)
  • Youtube Live performance
  • Midwest, Indiana, USA underground punk scene
  • A derivative of goofy Ausmuteants
Violence Creeps – Demo 2
Oakland, USA

A lot of hype suddenly appears for an artist or band amongst the usual suspects of one pocket of the online underground-rock underground. I’m talking about Termbo, MaxRnR, and their respective editors who have social media accounts. Each individual brings their own interesting choices most of the time, but sometimes, unanimously, one band in particular is championed heavily, and then retweeted by followers, creating a saturation effect even in the most underground of underground online music appreciation circles.

I can tell when it jumps the shark because I follow college radio shows in Montreal, and when one of those over-hyped demos makes their way into the glam-rock/powerpop college radio shows, I know they are going for “underground cred”. The Coneheads’ Total Conetrol made its way to Montreal college radio, so now I have to examine it.

However, I am putting it up against an less-hyped demo, Violence Creeps’ excellent Demo 2. Only VC reference I have read was on Termbo’s demo reviews for the 3rd quarter of 2014. I will remain ambiguous, and let you make your choice, but not before listing what they each have going.

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