Review of a review of “We Are Nots”

A review from France of the “We Are Nots” album. It sounds like he liked it, but he still finds way to diminish it.

He compares them to Bikini Kill and Sleater Kinney, which are just other girl bands. Nots’ sound is completely different. They are much tighter in their playing.

He calls the guitar playing “basic”. The guitar is actually psychedelic. Not even Ty Segall makes those sounds. It’s unique and worth mentioning.

He doesn’t mention the lyrics.

He describes their style as fun and ironic, but he calls it aggressive afterwards.

I think he was impressed, but he didn’t want his friends or his wife to know that he likes an all-girl band.

Cool bro, but gotta fess up on lyrical substance, and be careful with comparisons.

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