Burn Everything In Your Loft

“Burn Everything” by Golden Pelicans
“Setting Fire To Your Loft” by Gary Wrong Group


Good music has always been about the purging of pain, ancient evils, and demons. The rumbling noise of the bass and electric guitar has always implied a burning furnace, feeding the impulse to perform. Like demented preachers dancing in the flames of hell, the metaphor of fire is fitting to an intense rocknroll performance.

“When I went up to your party, I watched you burn everything you own” – King G.

It doesn’t get more straightforward. King G’s trademark gravely growl tells the story of a burned house, reminiscent of the scene in Badlands where Sissy Spacek’s farmhouse succumbs to the flames. King G’s poise is simultaneously reflective, and approving. Not quite upbeat, but instead a unique kind of Americana folklore, reminiscing of a Dead Moon crossing paths with Tom Waits. A rock ballad that self-combusted to a frenetic blues explosion.

Setting fire to your loft, has always been a part of the plan…”
– Gary Wrong

Jump in the sizzling fire of weirdo/punk Gary Wrong. Dangerous for the brain, horror-themed eerie almost-metal rock. Slithering synth lines, a loopy riff that recalls the organ keys of Giallo films, and pounding percussion riddled with chaotic crash cymbals.  Southern Punk at its weirdest, drenched in so much bayou water, you can hear the muted growl of crocodiles munching of human leftovers. Do not proceed further.

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