Nots – “Virgin Mary” (2015)

I hear “Insect Eyes” 2.0, but even more manic. That eerie Oriental electric harp string pluck. If Kanye West does not play this song at 300 db in his penthouse loft, then he has lost all relevance. Nots is playing in the same POP category that Kanye threads on. They both make innovative, loud, chamber pop music. And they are both self-conscious about religious icons (Kanye’s “Yeezus” is the equivalent of Nots’ “Virgin Mary”).

The music here is completely eerie, like an alarm drill at an asylum. It starts with an instrumental for the first minute and an improvisation of eerie guitar sounds.

Nat of Nots, then proceeds to steal her own riff (from “Insect Eyes” on We Are Nots), and starts singing about the famous religious icon. Visions of crazy Mexican people overdosing on peyote come to mind, or even better Jodorowsky’s “The Holy Mountain”, which wouldn’t be surprising. Nots’ first record, We Are Nots, I proposed, was based on Philip K. Dick themes.

From a computational and technological point of view (Phil K. Dick) to gradually moving towards the esoteric (Jodorowsky). Could it be the influence of Alexandra Eastburn, on synth, whose visual art expresses a fascination with cards, and the tarot? Her drawings also draw allusions to ancient tribe magic, or Victorian spiritualism.

Jodorowsky’s esoteric cosmology in “The Holy Mountain”, was related to the rise of capitalism. He accused bankers of being sorcerers, and using esoteric knowledge to subjugate populations. In the same vein, Phil K. Dick’s dystopian visions of the future, offer a nihilist solipsism, that established a cynical ambiguity of being (are we not human?).

Which view is truth or false? It matters not in art. What counts is that these current of thoughts are brought together to create infinite levels of enjoyment. Nots’ sonic creations are evolving: they are denser, and darker and allow improvisation as a structural element.

They are touring with Quintron and Miss Pussycat on the West Coast and therefore exposing more crowds to their music and message, whatever it is. To me, it is the best kind of thing: an intense head-nodding mind boggle, a melodic aggression, a cathartic expression, subversive as fuck, and impactful.


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