The Hi-Tone in Memphis


The Hi-Tone Cafe at 1913 Poplar Avenue in Memphis, near Overton Park

This is the previous location, the current one is on N. Cleveland St, next to Sears Crosstown.

Before it was the Hi-Tone, the building served, among other uses, as the karate studio where Elvis Presley studied the martial art. The future plans for the building are unknown.


Pookie and the Poodlz

Highly the best discovery at Gonerfest in 2015, hailing from Oakland Pookie is an entire different beast. A kind of pisstake on bubblegum, yet bubblegum. Follow me?

There’s many things to hate: the lead singer’s whiny voice, the deliberate California bubblegum themes (candy, fast food, and blowjobs), but that’s strictly superficial. Instead, Pookie delivers a series of short bursts of self-penned energy-packed pop-punk anthems. In addition, they are wonderful to watch: Pookie’s red mop, the bass player bad motorcycle girl look, and the catty drummer’s wild maneuvers.

Nots Interview on Little Raleigh Radio (2015)

I require a cheeseburger the size of a human. – Natalie

The new lineup, the old lineups, doing covers (they covered The Nerves in an early lineup), tentative titles for the next album, touring Europe, and the behind-the-scenes of that famous morning TeeVee appearance on YouTube (uploaded by yours truly).

Nots’ set at Gonerfest 12 was intense! They have these new instrumental tracks in between songs, and they sound rad. 30 minutes of straight heat.

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