Nots In The U.K.


Nots officially ended their European tour last night in Paris at the BBMix festival. They stopped shortly in London to record a session at BBC 6 Radio with Marc Riley. This compilation includes the three songs recorded in studio, which includes a brand new song titled “Inherently Low”. As a bonus, you get “Televangelist (Demo)” which is only available on the b-side of the U.K. release of the “Reactor” single on 7″ vinyl.

Download Nots In The U.K. (2015)

Sex Tide – “Siren”

Destructive motorik riff over a pounding thump and analog decay vocals. Sex Tide is the work of Aurelie Celine – vocals, drums, Chris Corbin (Geraldine, Mike Rep and Last Call), and Jah Nada (Obnox, Puffy Aereolas) on guitars. Their brand of deranged no-bass, two-guitar punk noise follows in the tradition of unique and original undernourished and famished Ohio misfits such as your favorite late 70’s proto-punkers and early 80’s no-wavers experimental underground forgotten heroes. This song is off their second EP, Vernacular Splatter.

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Porn Persons


PORN PERSONS is the best live band I’ve seen in Montreal. It’s the solo project of Tara of Gashrat but you wouldn’t know it cuz they’re all disguised as skitzo hobos. I actually thought Tara was playing the guitar only to spy a casual nipple and realize it was some guy. Then a zombie mummy comes on stage looking like she just walked out of a sarcophagus and starts wailing like an ancient ghost over the most cacophonic pounding deconstructed cubist blues. The most incredible primitive cling clang and dum dum and angular guitar going on at once while the mummy climbs any elevated surface to stage dive down to the floor, land on her back, and twist and writhe. Remotely like nothing I’ve ever seen before, yet exactly like it should always be. I was losing my mind the sound girl had to hold and shake me to bring me back. Twenty minutes of uncontrolled chaos with no end or beginning. Mesmerizing.

Porn Persons on Bandcamp

Porn Persons usually play shows in secret locations in Montreal. Get in touch with me if you’d like to find out where! (E-mail is at the bottom of the page)

Toxin III – Numb

This song is from 1982 but it doesn’t sound too much like it. This band is from Louisiana, released only one 7″ and didn’t do much else. But, they are really good, really really good, or at least this song is.

Nathan of Mystic Inane played this on MRR Radio, and I can see why. The pure condensation of punk energy is reminiscent of Mystic Inane songs. The way it sounds, like a good lo-fi 4-track recording, before digital even existed, is part of the pull. That snare sounds so thumpy, like the drums were dubbed on cassette tape. The jumpy guitar sizzles…And the way it starts, like someone pushed the record a little too fast as it was spinning, inadvertently modernizes the context. Could it have been recorded this decade?

The vocals are 80’s but in the best way. A kind of slacker detachment, nothing too aggro. And the statement…the statement…is timeless truth. The kind of statement that applies to all generations.

There’s some controversy about the pseudo-swastika on their cover, but the band has often stated it was based on a Time article that stated that the Confederate Flag of the South was the “new swastika”. Just an art strategy to piss off squares.

Buy the reissue – I Rock I Ran

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Timmy Vulgar‘s first band, Clone Defects, covered one of their songs.

Establish Trust

Jamming to Nots at Gonerfest 2014 in Memphis
Nots at Gonerfest 2014 in Memphis

If you have doubts, rest assured, you can trust this site. I am fairly new to the underground punk scene, I don’t have any friends to which I am obliged to give good reviews, and I obsess over the same dozen bands, which is a sign of genuine enthusiasm for a specific kind of sound.

This site can be a reference, for your underground punk needs. I don’t come from an old school scene of teenage ideals about punk music. I don’t know anybody who was addicted to heroin and lived in a squat. But I can tell when a live performance is good, just off the energy of the music.

I don’t look for “the latest”. I span eras, I dig reissues. And my posts don’t follow a regular timeline, but a “natural” timeline, of long stretches of absence, and intense bursts of new material.

And, another reason why I can be trusted, is I am transparent about my methods. The About section shows you where I pillage music from. I do the dirty work of reading, listening, and sorting.

But if you still need convincing, you might like to know that I have been sent friend requests by the music editors at Pitchfork and MaximumRocknRoll (they’ve read my site most likely and liked it). My concert photographs have been published in print, and a number of cool British artists follow my Twitter feed.

Those are my credentials. I’m new blood, I’m good. Trust.

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TimeWarpWeekends Radio on Soundcloud.

Mystic Inane at 1919 Hemphill in TX

This is the clip that made me fall in love with Mystic Inane even before I heard their studio recorded tracks. The melodies and the energy is just so infectious, it hooked me right in. That, and the bunch of teenage creeps walking around with their weird dance moves.

I’m no dunce, I detect the perfect pop pattern after which they pattern their songs. It goes something like: DR1 (x4), CH-1 (x6), DR2 (x4), BRIDGE, CH-1, …

DR = Dirty Riff, CH = Change up

After they got through that blistering set in Memphis last September, this douche asked me if I liked them. I said yeah, they are the future. He shrugged and said “That’s awwwrite if you like that grunt, no singing style.” This guy was dissing Mystic Inane in front of me. Then he went on to say how he has a studio in Chicago and records bands who actually sing. He was wearing a purple open lace-up v-neck shirt and cowboys boots. I had to say something, so I asked him for a cigarette. Then I smoked it while looking at him with virulent hate. – studio recorded songs

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