Mystic Inane at 1919 Hemphill in TX

This is the clip that made me fall in love with Mystic Inane even before I heard their studio recorded tracks. The melodies and the energy is just so infectious, it hooked me right in. That, and the bunch of teenage creeps walking around with their weird dance moves.

I’m no dunce, I detect the perfect pop pattern after which they pattern their songs. It goes something like: DR1 (x4), CH-1 (x6), DR2 (x4), BRIDGE, CH-1, …

DR = Dirty Riff, CH = Change up

After they got through that blistering set in Memphis last September, this douche asked me if I liked them. I said yeah, they are the future. He shrugged and said “That’s awwwrite if you like that grunt, no singing style.” This guy was dissing Mystic Inane in front of me. Then he went on to say how he has a studio in Chicago and records bands who actually sing. He was wearing a purple open lace-up v-neck shirt and cowboys boots. I had to say something, so I asked him for a cigarette. Then I smoked it while looking at him with virulent hate. – studio recorded songs

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