Establish Trust

Jamming to Nots at Gonerfest 2014 in Memphis
Nots at Gonerfest 2014 in Memphis

If you have doubts, rest assured, you can trust this site. I am fairly new to the underground punk scene, I don’t have any friends to which I am obliged to give good reviews, and I obsess over the same dozen bands, which is a sign of genuine enthusiasm for a specific kind of sound.

This site can be a reference, for your underground punk needs. I don’t come from an old school scene of teenage ideals about punk music. I don’t know anybody who was addicted to heroin and lived in a squat. But I can tell when a live performance is good, just off the energy of the music.

I don’t look for “the latest”. I span eras, I dig reissues. And my posts don’t follow a regular timeline, but a “natural” timeline, of long stretches of absence, and intense bursts of new material.

And, another reason why I can be trusted, is I am transparent about my methods. The About section shows you where I pillage music from. I do the dirty work of reading, listening, and sorting.

But if you still need convincing, you might like to know that I have been sent friend requests by the music editors at Pitchfork and MaximumRocknRoll (they’ve read my site most likely and liked it). My concert photographs have been published in print, and a number of cool British artists follow my Twitter feed.

Those are my credentials. I’m new blood, I’m good. Trust.

@phot0copy on Twitter

TimeWarpWeekends Radio on Soundcloud.

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