Toxin III – Numb

This song is from 1982 but it doesn’t sound too much like it. This band is from Louisiana, released only one 7″ and didn’t do much else. But, they are really good, really really good, or at least this song is.

Nathan of Mystic Inane played this on MRR Radio, and I can see why. The pure condensation of punk energy is reminiscent of Mystic Inane songs. The way it sounds, like a good lo-fi 4-track recording, before digital even existed, is part of the pull. That snare sounds so thumpy, like the drums were dubbed on cassette tape. The jumpy guitar sizzles…And the way it starts, like someone pushed the record a little too fast as it was spinning, inadvertently modernizes the context. Could it have been recorded this decade?

The vocals are 80’s but in the best way. A kind of slacker detachment, nothing too aggro. And the statement…the statement…is timeless truth. The kind of statement that applies to all generations.

There’s some controversy about the pseudo-swastika on their cover, but the band has often stated it was based on a Time article that stated that the Confederate Flag of the South was the “new swastika”. Just an art strategy to piss off squares.

Buy the reissue – I Rock I Ran

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Timmy Vulgar‘s first band, Clone Defects, covered one of their songs.

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