Urochromes is Jackie from improv noisemakers Sediment Club. If you ever had a chance to see what Sediment Club does, and survived, then rest assured Urochromes is an entirely different sound. The noisy and scattered noise of Sediment Club gives way to the drum-machine pop-punk of Urochromes.

A lot of the Urochromes sudden popularity relies on the expressive antics of its leader and frontman, Jackie. Already in Sediment Club you knew this guy was weird. His face contorted in what seemed like manic facial tics. Was he retarded, autistic, or is it all an act?

The answer is something in between everything. I recently had the opportunity to see Urochromes in Montreal and spoke to Jackie during the opening sets. He seemed like a polite, well-mannered individual, calm and with poise. I told him my favorite song was “Ugly People” and he asked for my name. During their set, he dedicated the song to me! “This is for Hugo!” he bellowed as he launched into “Ugly People”. It was the best set of the night.

They’ve released a few 7″s and tapes so far, but I’ve never seen them sold anywhere. Fortunately, their EP, Get In Line 4 Mental Decline (great title) on Lumpy Records is available for streaming on YouTube:

They have been touring for the past six months and YouTube is full of captured performances. Have a gander!


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