Don Delillo – “Zero K”

sp_cerok_201602251703Don Delillo will be releasing a new book on May 19th. This one is about cryogenics! A secret cult called Convergence undergoes a freezing operation in order to be thawed to life into the future! Obsession with immortality, or just a desire to stop time? Guaranteed to be an interesting read. Don Delillo’s talent lies in his artisan way of constructing sentences. He often eludes discussing the politics of his stories, to instead speak about the formal qualities of language. One sentence in this book has seventeen words, and only one of them is more than one syllable. Lol. A very funny writer who is also poetic. His ‘Underworld’ is a formative classic around these parts. Not just for the Cold War history lesson, but the purity and authenticity, and tragedy of his principal characters. I wish I could write as neat.
List of interviews and review of Zero K. Pictured below, cover of the Spanish edition.


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