Patsy (New Orleans)

Alrite ladies and bitches, it’s Patsy! goes the band’s tagline on records and t-shirts. Patsy is Candice from Mystic Inane on vocals. The first band I know of where she does vocals. I already knew she was responsible for the hardcore underground pop weirdness of Mystic Inane (the guitar licks are Machiavellian) and Patsy seems like the next step towards defining that ultimate sound. Never the ones to miss out on emerging punk weirdness, Total Punk Records out of Florida, took to releasing their first two singles back to back!
R-7661294-1446184304-2290.jpeg R-8005647-1453333344-2047.jpeg

In this rare filmed performance, you can see what the vibe is all about. Candice struts around the stage around the jumpy grooves of the rhythm section and bellows out what sounds like animal calls. True primitive punk trash done with style, or “Violent Polka-Beat” as Total Punk called it.

Once again, it looks like even in the underground, dopeness converges. Urochromes work with Lumpy Records, who work with Total Punk, who work with Patsy. Even the New York Times is listening.

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