Nots – “Entertain Me” (2016)

New heat from Nots who continue on their path of total destruction to expose the dualities of appearance/truth and body/spirit. “Entertain Me” is an indictment of the society of the spectacle and the media industry bent on psychologizing the individual through capitalist consumption.

That’s cool–But how does it stand as music? Not as infectious as “Fix” or as fervent as “Dust Red”. Rather, sprawling, in a stripped-down psychedelic way, but punk. At 7 minutes, it is the longest Nots song ever, and obviously the album closer. Seems out of place as a single, but I’ll take it. The message contained within is of utmost importance: Entertain Yourself Before Anyone Else Does

The press release, penned by Natalie Hoffman, lead singer and composer, is an accurate description of her artistic ethos (“where genres begin to blend and nothing is easily classified”), and of the political statement inherent within the song:

“Entertain Me” is a song in a constant state of movement and deterioration around one central, repeating part. No two live versions of it sound the same. Drawing influences from experimental no wave, postpunk, and psychedelic music, “Entertain Me” takes its cues from the edges of genres, where one begins to blend into another, and nothing is easily classified. The lyrics reflect the cyclical, distorted nature of the song, addressing different facets of the grotesque horror show going on in American politics and how they are portrayed- the rise of Trump, the reality-TV-like nature of American news, the almost-forced compliance of the viewer, and the for-profit-constructed “right” of the viewer, the consumer, to require constant entertainment in order to participate, and to live.

Screen-Shot-2016-06-21-at-16.22.10cosmetic front for web copy

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