Counter Intuits – “Monosyllabilly” (2016)


Discover another hidden piece of the mindblowing global underground punk puzzle. Counter Intuits embody the excavation of KBD garage, early Ohio no-wave, subtle ineptitude, and (unsurprisingly) twisted pop ambitions.

My human fly antennas begin to vigorously rub together and I detect the following influences:

  • Dave E. McManus of Electric Eels
  • Early Seattle Grunge
  • The Cramps’ Ohio Demos
  • Obscure rockabilly
  • Early 90’s underground pop-punk

After doing some research, it turns out that this is Ron House’s band, from Thomas Jefferson Slave Apartments. Does that mean it’s cool, or good? Most likely. It’s just great, you know. A series of stompers, that really stomp, but still lo-fi. The energy is just there, bursting out of the bass drum. The percussion is interesting, always a little pebble of tambourine, or sticks, totally unexpected. Great mixing. Not one song is skippable.

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The Counter Intuits are playing Gonerfest 2016. You don’t want to miss this year! Everybody is going to be there: Useless Eaters, Nots, Midnite Snaxx, The World.

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