J-Zone covers Special Ed’s “I Got It Made” (1989)

J-Zone took up drumming a few years ago, after announcing his retirement from making rap music. Well, like most rap retirees, he came back, and has released a slew of albums since. The only difference being, he now plays his own drums on his beats, instead of using samples. That’s cool, because he actually knows a lot about breakbeat samples, and recreates them with his drumset.  In fact, he interviews a lot of funk drummers from the 60’s and 70’s for Red Bull’s website. This is some advanced artistic shit, with a lot of soul and groove. Questlove, throw your dawg a bone! Anyway, here he is drumming Special Ed’s classic and rapping at the same time. J-Live used to be known for scratching and rapping at the same time. It’s your turn now, J-Zone!

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