Nots – Memphis Flyer Interview (2016)


Interview with the Memphis Flyer newspaper

Whoa!!! The GENESIS of Memphis punk band, NOTS. The real story, starting from their pre-Nots days as Bake Sale, a 60’s girl garage band who covered The Shangri-La’s, to the development of their hardcore lo-fi punk sound through controlled experimentation and some lineup changes. Their infamous show at The Lucero, a now-defunct punk house on Overton Park where they first captured John Hoppe’s attention leading to their deal with Goner. To the addition of Eastburn to the group with an instrument given to her by Winston Eggleston (the son of renowned art world photographer William Eggleston).

Politics, economics, happenstance, creativity, record labels, lies, illusions, property, and the mistaken sense of physical ownership felt by record execs and media journalists (a theme that director/actor Don Cheadle explored in his recent Miles Davis biopic).

Nots are on the attack, make no concessions, and produce the kind of substantial discourse of protest that America hasn’t heard in decades—placing Memphis, once again, at the center of ideological tensions on the commercialization and exploitation of music and creativity.

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