Nots – Cosmetic LP (2016)


Second LP from Memphis underground rock/punk quartet, Nots. Just their name illicits questioning and encrypted mystery. These four individuals deliver the pummeling, bass-heavy, distorted psych guitar twang I’ve expected, but this time ‘turnt up’ the psych a notch. Lyrically, they still tread the same waters of Watergate, emerging paranoia, science-fiction forms, whether on the metaphysical bouncy anthem ‘Blank Reflection‘, or directly through their negation of mainstream culture on ‘Entertain Me‘. Nine numbers of bent distorted heat. My personal favorite, title-track ‘Cosmetic’ slows down their usual tempo by half, and delivers a classic drawn-out glorious hardcore stomping number that would fit quite nicely in a George A. Romero zombie flick. Quite serious, and untouchable, like electroshock therapy. Wouldn’t be surprised if FBI, CIA, MI-6 already have a file open on these guys.

LP comes with limited edition cream-pink vinyl, glossy insert sleeve also comes with lyrics.

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