Memphis Recap – Gonerfest 2016

Trampoline Team perform in Memphis during Gonerfest 2016
Trampoline Team perform in Memphis during Gonerfest 2016, photo by Time Warp Week Ends on 35MM film

Anton Jackson over at VultureHound gives the best recap of Gonerfest so far. A series of highlights of the fuzzed out, eclectic, and desperate, American and Australian garage rock scene. Nots, Chook Race, Pity, Trampoline Team, Giorgio Murderer, and so many more it’s really hard to keep up.

Anton highlights the camaraderie that takes place in Memphis during those three days. I’d like to do the same. There is a genuine feeling of love and appreciation throughout the fest. One of the things Zac Ives says during the Opening Ceremonies is ‘Take care of each other!’ It’s true! How many times did I see a passed out Japanese festival-goer during the shows and leaned in to offer assistance only to be told to go away because they are sleeping! I guess the music is just so good it touches everybody in the same way.


Near the end, Anton mentions meeting someone from Montreal, Canada. That person is me! You see, I really exist. I’m not just a Nots internet promotional bot!

Nots – Cosmetic (2016)

Tell me about the album title. Why did you choose Cosmetic?

I read the word in a Nazim Hikmet poem from his book Human Landscapes. He used it to describe the façade of a political system, and the word just has a really great dual meaning. There’s the obvious implication of it — that it’s covering something up, or that it’s face value. I felt like a lot of the songs addressed themes that sort of lie within the idea of having one face on, but something completely different is underneath, or implying that what you see may not be the truth — that truth with a capital T is very relative.



Giorgio Murderer Kills It At Gonerfest 2016

Memphis was abound with energy during the not-so-secret afterparty on Saturday at Murphy’s (1589 Madison Ave). A crowd of the most hardcore fans, hanger-ons, and tag-alongers celebrated to the robotic futuristic punk sounds of the one they call Murder. Backed by members of Trampoline Team on keyboards, drums, and bass, Giorgio delivered the pummeling bounce to the excitement of euphoric fans who started crowd surfing in the cramped quarters of the bar/venue.

Other highlights include an energetic afternoon set by Kool 100’s, a blistering speedy flammable set by Fire Retarded (Hey Bobby!), a ski-masked robbery by Pity, and a celebratory incantation by the legendary Kid Congo Powers.

cumsttainFor my part, I met the two-man operation behind KLYAM Records out of Boston. I first thought they were Archie & The Bunkers, but getting past their pre-pubescent adolescent looks they are actually greasy sleazy freaks of the unknown kind! More stories and pictures to come as I develop my rolls of film, including some Super8 footage of Nots conducting the opening ceremonies.

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