The Submissives -“Pining for a Boy”

The Submissives have been concocting perfectly wobbly pop tunes since 2015. Infectious and intriguing, these weirdly strange nuggets of heartbroken love ballads are as addictive and enticing as candy and red licorice at drive-ins. Except that, The Submissives’ take on bubblegum pop actually breaks through the illusory depth of romance. Sweet melodies suddenly turn dissonant, guitar-picking solos burst loud into the mix, and declarations of love become mantras of grief and woe. Put together, their consistent output gives a realistic picture of the ups, downs, and sideway sways of modern love.

Their third release, “Pining for a Boy”, comes with a brand new video.

The Submissives perform live in Montreal, on June 8th, at Casa Del Popolo, come get entranced!

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