Urochromes – Trope House (2019)

Western Mass noise bullies are back with a brand new album recorded in Alabama with Gary Wrong. What could possibly go wrong? Nothing! Jackie proves that he’s underground punk’s Andy Kaufman with as many split personalities as MF Doom. You can hear Jackie as part of NYC’s noise rockers Sediment Club (WFMU Record Fair alumnis) or the intriguing carnivalesque street busker crooner Mark Cone, and I feel that he might have temporarily played with Neutral Fixation. With multiple releases on a stack of underground labels (Feeding Tube, Lumpy Records, Neck Chop Records), he’s got the pedigree of a pure breed pomeranian.

Urochromes have been through so many incarnations, with and without a drummer, that they are impossible to recollect. My favorite formation was with Corey Rose from Vexx on drums! After-party for Not Dead Yet in Toronto 2016. They played a blistering set to a packed crowd on a skate ramp.

On this release, Jackie’s creativity remains unbridled, and “Rumshpringa” comes from left-field with a heavy Jonathan Richman/Modern-Lovers Massachusetts breezy jangler! A kind of swagerring classic rock jam with an electronic drumkit, and absurd lyrics. A true Picasso of our modern times!

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