I am based in Montreal, Canada. I’ve been writing in fanzines since 1998. I hosted a radio show until 2005.  I’m authentic and you can trust my taste.

The following sites and podcasts is where I go to retrieve information. Also, just common sense using Discogs, and reading liner notes, connecting the dots!

Dynamite Hemorrhage
Jay Hinman, who used to write a fanzine titled SUPERDOPE in the 90’s, creates this amazing podcast (now over 50 issues) with a really eclectic mix of what he calls “sub-underground rock”. There is some really pop stuff, then some really underground hostile stuff, and even weird spaced out 15-minute long stuff. Super honest, sincere, albeit a bit smug, but that’s to ward off vampires I presume…

Spin Age Blasters
Erick Bradshaw of Cyanide Tooth and Maximum Ernst brings the dope underground sounds from everywhere. A panoply of early pop, alternate new-wave, proto-punk, and post-punk. Easy listening for hard motherfuckers. Based in New York.

This is the holy grail of underground rock reviews. Real rock nerds that have been at it for more than two decades. Covers everything underground, from pop to weird to extreme metal, and a cool regional U.S. slant. Probably the heart of the underground communications department.

Sangue Electrico
Radio show from Portugal playing more traditional garage-rock based music of today. Not so underground, but always a great rock sound.

The Rock and Roll Dance Party
A cool mix of old and new stuff, not as varied as DH, but just as good in how they nail down a particular kind of sound. Garage punk rock from the 60’s till today.

Teenage Hate
Named after the first Reatards album, Teenage Hate presents the latest in punk, garage, hardcore, noise and pysch with an emphasis on Australian releases and bands. This is more hardcore than what I go for, but interesting to listen to just to define the limits of your taste.

TV Dinner
Compilation of mixtapes of 70’s, 80’s European underground punk, synth, and pop, curated by Mary of Washington D.C. band Neonates. A lot of cool stuff here, easy to sort through.

Haywire Hour
Listen live every Monday from 9:00PM to 10:00PM, Eastern Time. Artie Haywire brings you one hour of stupid rock n roll, garage rock, punk, jams, with some occasional hardcore. Plus, his deep radio voice makes him sound like a 50’s broadcaster!

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